Stopping The Spread Of Bed Bugs
Monday, January 30, 2012

The problems with bed bugs at UNL have some wondering what happens when those students leave campus to visit their families. Could they be carrying these irritating creatures?

Dorm rooms and a Greek house inspected for bed bugs after 4 dorm rooms were found with the pests. Douglas County health officials warn that they can easily and unknowingly be transferred.

"We're constantly getting calls on bed bugs on a very consistent basis; the problem isn't going away," said Phil Rooney with the Douglas County Health Department. "One of the problems is that people go out of town, they may go to like a dormitory which has been one of the concerns, and people will pick them up in one room and go to another room. Bed bugs are attracted to warm bodies so the bed bug will get on you, get in your clothes, you won't know it unless they start biting you."

Bed bugs can be a quarter of an inch long, and though they don't carry disease they can be very irritating when they bite. Experts say they can move right to furniture or beds and mattresses where they can hide. But there are ways to check places you're at before getting any of these pests on you...which could create a big, irritating mess.

"If you're traveling you want to look for some of the signs of bed bugs which are bed bug feces, or liquid brown, it will be around cracks in a headboard to a bed, cracks in furniture, or cracks in a wall," Rooney explained.

If you do get bed bugs the first thing to do is vacuum on, underneath, and inside the cracks furniture, mattresses and box springs. If that doesn't work a specialist may need to be called in. Plus launder your infested clothing and blankets thoroughly. You may have to dry clean them

Bed bugs cannot fly so they are transferred from people moving place to place. Health officials say watch out for used furniture, and clean your luggage also.