Senior Apartment Building has Bed Bugs (Reno, NV)
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RENO, NV - Residents of a senior apartment building in Reno say it's been infested with bed bugs for weeks.

"The two apartments diagonally across from me have it," Ted Burns said.

Ted Burns lives at the Orvis Ring Senior Apartments and showed KOLO the signs instructing people not to sit on the furniture. He and his fellow tenants said it's because of parasitic bed bugs.

"I've seen people that's been bitten by bed bugs and they're bloody they just suck the blood out of you," Orvis Ring resident Pat Mavity said.

Orvis Ring residents said they've been dealing with the infestation for a month or longer.

"They've been postponing this investigation, finding them, no movement," Orvis Ring resident Don Moten said.

Office workers at Orvis Ring said they wouldn't speak, referring KOLO to Rural Communities Housing Development in Ukiah, which declined to comment.

"Notify the landlord and notify them writing via a letter establish the paper trail in case the landlord isn't going to cooperate," a Washoe County Vector Control representative said.

While managed by an out-of-state company, Community Services Agency is the owner of Ovris Ring.
The executive director said the bed bug problem will be dealt this weekend.
He said the bed bugs were addressed as soon as Community Services Agency became aware of issue. Residents say they've been vocal about it for a while.

"They were gonna go with a different company and they say as of today nothing has been decided," Burns said.

Residents acknowledge though before the bed bugs were so wide-spread, there was an attempt to fumigate an apartment that didn't work.
Now, Community Services Agency says pest control will go unit by unit to get rid of the insects.