Salvation Army Men's Shelter Sprayed For Bed Bugs
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ORLANDO, FL - The entire Orlando Salvation Army men's shelter was wrapped and sprayed for bed bugs on Wednesday.

It's been closed since last week after a worker found the infestation.

The treatment costs $15,000, and Massey Services footed the bill and has paid to put up a tent for them.

Since the building was closed for a week, the charity had to scramble to move the men into other shelters.

Some had to sleep in the Salvation Army's gymnasium.

"It has been a pain to try to get everyone located and try to get everything situated," said Major Andrew Kelly of the Salvation Army.

An employee found the infestation tucked into the crevasses of mattresses on the second floor.  More than one dozen beds had to be bagged because of the bugs.

Some of the men could not even take their stuff. They had to leave it behind so it could be put in bags for treatment.

"Our goal here is to get the people and the residents back in here as quickly as possible," said Adam Jones of Massey Services.

Massey Services is covering the cost so the organization doesn't have to cut into their building maintenance budget.

They will also have someone inspecting the men who return to make sure the bugs don't come back.

The Salvation Army was going to open this weekend, but said it wants to clean the place up before moving everything back in.