Ramsey County Offers Tips On Preventing Bed Bugs

KSTP.com (Minneapolis, MN)
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Ramsey County Public Health Department is reminding residents to do their part to prevent bed bugs this holiday season.

Bed bugs can spread by furniture and clothes, which makes them a particularly large threat during the busy travel season. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from bed bugs, courtesy of the health department:

Make your home less inviting to bed bugs
Seal up cracks, crevices and along baseboards.
Fix or remove peeling wallpaper.
Seal up spaces around pipes coming into your home.
Tighten face plates on outlets and phone jacks.
Reduce clutter.
Encase mattress and box spring.
Vacuum often.

Where they hide
Mattress, box spring, bedding, bed frame, headboard, baseboard, night stand, electrical outlet cover, phone jacks, picture frames, peeling wallpaper, couch, recliner, any small crack or crevice and near where people sleep or rest.

How they spread
They hitch a ride on clothes, bags, furniture, and other belongings.  
They can get into walls and move between rooms.
They walk across floors, walls and ceilings.
Bed bugs DO NOT jump, fly or attach to skin.

Places you may pick up bed bugs
Used mattresses and furniture
Homes of friends and family
Movie theaters
Waiting rooms
Health care facilities