Parents Say Bed Bugs Rampant At Trenton Elementary School
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TRENTON - Parents participating in a "Walk In Your Child's Footsteps" event yesterday at a city elementary school found out firsthand what's under a foot.

"We were in my son's room and another child pulled several items out of his book bag. Several things fell onto the floor and that's when another student noticed a bedbug on the floor," a mother told The Trentonian.

Apparently, the feisty critters have invaded Stokes Elementary School on Parkside Ave.

"It's probably been a problem for several weeks. The district has been trying to keep this quiet but parents are concerned," one parent said.

According to several parents, more than a dozen bedbugs have been discovered.

"But school officials have been trying to keep this quiet. The only thing they have done is wipe down desks with alcohol. But there's been no official notice of how things stand right now," a second parent complained.

At noon, insiders said Schools Superintendent Raymond Broach visited Stokes, where staff members updated him about the bedbug situation.

Parents can expect a notice by tomorrow with details about how school officials expect to fight a potential bedbug invasion.