Manchester Apartment Tenants Complain About Bed Bugs
Thursday, February 16, 2012

PITTSBURGH - Dozens of residents at a Pittsburgh apartment building have been battling bedbugs for months.

A resident of the Bidwell Apartments on Sheffield Street in Manchester said the infestation is getting worse by the day.

"I couldn't eat for two days because I was so nauseous," the anonymous man said. "This is ridiculous."

The man said both of his arms are covered with red bumps from bedbug bites he got inside his own home.

"Allegheny General Hospital told me I was infested with bedbugs," another anonymous resident said. "I didn't ask for this when I moved here a year ago."

Tenants said the problem is so bad that they've had to throw away their furniture. They also said the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, which owns the high rise, isn't doing enough to eradicate the bugs.

Officials at the Housing Authority said the entire building was sprayed for bedbugs in October and as new complaints come in, they're being dealt with.

The Housing Authority also said they will assist tenants who have to throw away their furniture.