Man Bitten By Bed Bugs Wants Hotel Apology
Sunday, February 5, 2012

A man bitten by bed bugs at a local hotel is no longer asking for a refund -- now he just wants an apology.

Mauricio Tarazona and his coworker James Gessner are from Connecticut - and are here on business.

They'd planned to stay at a hotel for 2 months while they work here ...But they say their experience at the InTown Suites on Gunbarrel Road has them rethinking that plan.

"I started seeing little red spots in my skin, in my elbows, in my shoulder, my lower back," says Tarazona.

Tarazona says those red spots are bites from bed bugs he found in his hotel bed.
And bugs weren't the only thing he found.

"Whoever had been in the room prior had left 3 takeout containers from Zaxby's with chicken in them and old bones with mold all over it and the smell was horrible," says James Gessner.

They told management about the bugs-- but the hotel didn't buy their story.

"They said that I brought them in and I came here with no bite marks, no nothing," says Tarazona.

They took pictures of the room after it was stripped and searched. They say management told them the room was not infested... But it was after the two man threatened to contact the health inspector when they say the manager became more cooperative.

"After we called the health inspector, then they called us back and said we think we can help you. We'll just give you the week free then you leave. We'll give you all your money back and leave," says Gessner.

But even that offer has since changed.

"Well he said we don't think you should be compensated, we did everything we had to do," says Gessner.

We tried to call the hotel manager today. Then we called their corporate office and were sent a statement. In it says they inspected the room and found nothing- and they even called in an exterminator to inspect it again.

As for the two men, they've since been moved to a new room, but want the hotel to apologize and take responsibility.  And they want others to be aware of situations like this in the future.

"When you go into a hotel, you don't know who was in there before you, you don't know how long they inspected it, and you should actually check it yourself before getting in that bed," says Gessner.

The hotel has asked the men to move out on Monday. They plan to get a room at another hotel in Hixson while they stay here for work.