Lawmakers Push For Propoxur Use Against Bedbugs

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CINCINNATI -- Two local lawmakers are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to approve use of an old pesticide against bedbugs.

U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt and Ohio Rep. Dale Mallory held a news conference Tuesday to ask the EPA to approve Propoxur's use against the pest.

Propoxur, developed in 1959, is known for its fast action in killing pests as well as fairly long suppression period.

But the EPA has said it has concerns about the long-term effects on children who may be exposed to the pesticide after its been sprayed. It's been banned from public use since 2007.

Schmidt said the current solutions some people use to deal with infestations aren't viable either.

"Unfortunately, the situation that we have today forces people to do extreme measures. People go to Home Depot or farm supply stores and buy the strongest generic pesticide mix they sell and apply it themselves to the point of saturation with little knowledge of the dangers to them and their family," she said.

The agency said it might consider approving use of the pesticide in areas where children won't be present.