Kingsville Bed Bugs
Monday, January 30, 2012

KINGSVILLE - A bed bug problem is so bad at the Texas A&M Kingsville campus library that officials had to step in.

The Interim Director of the library says that around eight months ago, they noticed about 100 books were returned with bed bugs inside. So they bought a special machine called a Packtite to fight the bed bug problem.

Since the machine has been in place, the bug infestation has disappeared, but where the bed bugs were coming from still seems to be in question.

Bruce Schueneman had this to say, "They are coming from wherever the students live."

Over a year ago residents of the University Square Complex complained about the bed bugs, and it seems that they are still an issue.

One resident, Pabankatak Velagaledi Venkadanaga tells us, "Bed bugs are a lot in every apartment you see."

Pabankatak says he has complained about the bugs and pest control has come, but he feels that they could do a better job. He says that they will come in and only spray the kitchen.

Pabankatak, who moved here from India says that since he is an international student the dorms are too expensive. He says; "This is the only option we have over here to live, so bed bugs are very much common over here."

He says that while the living conditions are uncomfortable, it isn't anything new for him, "The same situation it has been for the past two years, so we are just used to it. I will be graduating in May, so people who are new to this area are going to find it very difficult."

However the manager of the complex says that they do not feel that bed bugs are an issue.

She tells us that whenever they get a complaint, they get the pest control to come and take care of the problem.

She also tells us that the students are also responsible for keeping their apartments clean.