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Holidays Can Increase Bed Bug Exposure (Richmond, VA)
Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will you be traveling, partying, or shopping this season?

Experts warn that although 'tis the season to deck the halls with boughs of holly, it 'tis also the season for bedbugs.

The holidays are a time of increased travel, and exposure to public spaces, which experts say can lead to the spread of bedbugs.

Experts  said that although the pests are frequently found in beds, there are other prime places where they live. Any space where one spends a lengthy period of time can lead to exposure; like airplane seats and terminals, movie theaters, or stacks of coats at holiday parties.

Terminix has issued a list of tips to help avoid an infestation, and help curb the spread of bedbugs.

» Try getting to movie theaters early to brush seats and check between seats and armrests for signs of infestation.

» Check plane seats for sign of infestation.

» If you feel that you have been through an area where many pass through, such as airports, wash travel clothing in warm water and run through a warm dryer cycle once you reach your home.

» Be mindful of strong, musty odors permeating from seats, beds, clothing or linens. This odor is a sign of infestation.

» Hang all clothing, including winter coats, to prevent spreading from laying clothing on furniture or beds. Party hosts, the bed of blankets could be unsanitary for both you and your guests. Instead hang them in a coat closet.

» Upon returning home, leave suitcases in the basement or garage until you have had the opportunity to inspect for bedbugs. Vacuum luggage thoroughly.

» If you suspect bedbugs to be in your home, have it inspected by a professional. Do-it-yourself remedies traditionally worsen the situation. Terminix offers free, no-obligation home inspections.

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