Hampton Mother Outraged At School's Handling Of Bed Bugs Infestation

Monday, February 27, 2012

HAMPTON -- A Hampton mother is outraged by the way her son's school has handled an infestation of bed bugs.

Crystal Sellman says the administration at Tucker-Capps Elementary failed to notify her that her son may have been exposed to the insects two weeks ago.  Twice in one week, bed bugs were found in two separate classrooms recently.

Now she says her son is having health problems as a result, and the school won't allow her son to change to another class.

After the bugs were discovered in a classroom at T-C two weeks ago, the school sent home a letter to some parents, but Sellman says she didn't receive any notice until the following week.

Sellman says her son has been to the doctor twice, and the doctor confirmed that the child was having an allergic reaction either to the bites or to chemicals that were used to treat bed bug areas.

"I kept him home and that was Thursday, and he was fine Thursday.  As soon as he entered back into the building and class, he had evidence of more marks on him," explained Sellman.

Last week, when she asked the principal to switch her son's class, her request was denied.

"I am afraid that there will be repercussions that my two children will have to face after me making such a fuss, but like any parent that's concerned, I feel like they would be in my same seat,"  added Sellman.

Classrooms at Tucker Capps were treated for bed bugs on Saturday, Feb. 18th.  School officials said on Monday that the bugs haven't been seen in the school since the treatment.

The school says contractors treated classrooms, offices, the library, cafeteria, and other areas using Diatomaceous Earth in powder form, and Zeprion and Bedalin in concentrated sprays.

They focused on cracks, crevices, wall injections, floor edges, carpets, and all desks.