Fire Station Dealing with Bed Bug Problem

Friday, August 5, 2011

BROWNSVILLE - One of the Valley's largest fire department is dealing with one big bad problem. Their station is infested with bed bugs.

The Brownsville fire chief tells said this is the first time something like this has ever happened. The bed bug problem forced some firefighters to find a new place to sleep at night.

Right now, no one is allowed on the second floor of Brownsville's central fire station. It used to be a home away from home for 14 firefighters. Brownsville Fire Chief Lenny Perez says that was before a new guest arrived.

"One of the firefighters reported quite a few bites on her body. When they investigated in there, that's when they found one particular bed infested with it," said the fire chief.

Perez explained the bed bugs were carried in from a call, either on his firefighters' clothes or a bag. Brownsville fire commanders plan to dispose of all the beds, then call in a licensed exterminator to treat the area.

Perez said his main concern is to make sure his crews feel at ease so they can come to work. He wants them protected inside and outside of the station.  

The fire chief says new beds should arrive to the fire station by Friday.