Employees Say Bed Bugs Found at State Building in Jersey City

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things are abuzz in Jersey City's State Building as the sight and thought of insects have building employees concerned.

An employee in the building who did not want to be identified said that bed bugs were found on the fourth floor of the building at 438 Summit Ave. last week.

She said that after bed bugs were discovered when a carpet was being replaced, a crew exterminated half of the fourth floor.

Some workers and visitors in the building this morning said bed bugs were seen on the first, fourth and fifth floors and a customer at the Motor Vehicle Commission office on the first said she overheard employees talking about the sightings.

Offices on the fourth floor include the state Department of Community Affairs.

Building manager Raul Morillo said some sort of insect was found in the building, but he would not confirm it was a bed bug. Morillo said he doubts there's any sort of infestation.

"We found one insect," said Morillo. "We're still waiting for the results to come back, but I don't think it was a bed bug."

Morillo said that an exterminator was in the building, but was only there to inspect and take measurements of the area in case an extermination is needed.

"People eat up there (on the fourth floor), leave things there -- it could be anything," Morillo said.