Detroit Townhouse Tenants Say Bed Bugs A Persistent Problem
Monday, January 23, 2012

DETROIT, MI - Some residents in townhouses at the Lexington Village Apartments say bedbugs are a persistent problem in the complex. One resident asked not to be identified.

"It has been total hell. I had to throw away three brand new mattresses, my daughter's bed, a lot of her clothing, my new furniture that I just had bought. My daughter has had bites on her. She's less than a year old," he said.

Lexington Village near Henry Ford Hospital is owned by the Wynnestone company. The complex is funded through Section 8 housing, a federal program run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The government and thus the taxpayers subsidize the rent.

"They did come out and exterminate, but it's like whatever they're using is not strong enough. They're reoccurring," the tenant told us. "Some of these apartments [are] not clean and it's unlivable."

A spokesman for Wynnestone says the company works with residents to deal with bedbug issues. He pointed to housekeeping problems and the ease with which the bugs travel from one apartment to another.

The residents say taxpayer funded projects should be held to high standards.

"What is [our money] going to because it's not being put to good use," the resident said.

Detroit Townhouse Tenants Say Bedbugs a Persistent Problem: