Chukchansi Hotel Deals with Bug Infestation
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Officials with the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino near Coarsegold confirmed Wednesday that evidence of "swallow bugs" -- which look nearly identical to their relatives, bedbugs -- was found in its hotel rooms.

Employees in the hotel reported swallow-bug bites.

Hotel officials brought in exterminators to treat the hotel's Chukchansi tower, which is under renovation, and ensure the bugs were not in other areas of the hotel and casino.

The Picayune Tower of the facility was not affected by the bugs, said Matt Olin, the resort's manager.

"We are instituting a more aggressive monitoring program, routine deep cleaning, and have retained multiple pest control experts to ensure the cleanliness of our facilities," Olin said.

Jill Yaeger, Madera County Environmental Health Director, said the "bedbugs" report was only the second in a Madera County hotel in the past five years.

But bedbug reports are on the rise in California, she said.

Her department, which does not have jurisdiction over the rancheria, was made aware of the problem after one phone call came in from the public, she said.

She said her department is advising hotel officials.