Bothered by Bed Bugs, Detroit Apartment Complex Tenants Complain
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DETROIT, MI - The Problem Solvers go to work for residents of the Colony Arms Apartments in Detroit. They told us the conditions inside their building are disgusting because it's crawling with bedbugs.

"I'm bit up. My arm's bit up. I've got marks, everything from these bedbugs," said Julia Strong.  "They need to take care of this building, get rid of [this] bedbug problem or else it's going to be a problem with the residents here."

She's not alone. Close to a dozen people who live at the Detroit apartment complex called the Problem Solvers. They said they've been dealing with the bedbug issue there for months. The apartment complex has been trying to combat it with spraying every few weeks, but it just isn't doing the job, according to these neighbors.

The regional manager didn't want to talk to FOX 2, saying that she would like to learn more about the problem first. We introduced her to a few people who called us.

Meanwhile, the Problem Solvers went to work to find the bedbug experts in town. Rose Pest Solutions told us they're willing to work with the regional manager to put the problem to bed for good.

Representatives at Rose are even considering using experimental, new techniques to bust the bedbug problem. The regional manager at Colony Arms is looking forward to getting in touch with them to stop the problem from getting worse. It's so bad, several people there say they will have to move out.

"It's a serious problem because kids [are] getting bit up," said Myesha Taylor.  "It's coming from each unit to the other unit because some people that don't have them don't get their [home] sprayed, and when they get [their home] sprayed, it moves to the next unit."

The regional manager is speaking to people who live at the apartment complex and is also planning a meeting for Wednesday to talk to the tenants about the issues that they're experiencing.

Bothered by Bedbugs, Detroit Apartment Complex Tenants Complain: