Bedbugs found, treated in several Miami, Okla., public housing units

Tulsa World
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MIAMI, Okla. - For the first time in 41 years the Miami Public Housing Authority has a bedbug infestation, said Jack Trask, housing executive director on Tuesday.

Trask, who oversees three complexes, said the infestation is contained to six units in one building.

"I jumped on it immediately," Trask said. "I made a call two hours after it was reported."

The first report was made about a month ago, he said. Trask said the only problem associated with the infestation was scheduling a company to come in and remove the bugs, he said.
Trask said he has since learned the infestation of bedbugs is at an all-time high across the country.
A Springfield, Mo.-based company performed a four-hour heat treatment on eight apartments. The infested apartments were treated and then the surrounding apartments were also treated, he said. After the heat treatment was completed, a dog was used to go through the apartments and sniff out the microscopic critters.
The cost was $10,600 which included $1,100 for each eight apartments and $1,800 for the use of a dog for two days.
"We plan to reschedule the dog in six months," Trask said.
The eights apartments were located in the 100-apartment complex, he said. A check of nearby buildings, a 75-apartment complex and a 50-unit duplex area, didn't turn up any bedbugs, Trask said.
Trask said he believes a family who previously lived in the apartment complex and was neglect in their housekeeping may have left the unwanted guests.
"I told them to clean up or get out," Trask said. "They got out."
Also, one Trask said a lot of bedbugs were found in one tenant's recliner that she recently received from a Goodwill store.