Bedbug found in Jersey City school

The Jersey Journal
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A bedbug was found yesterday in a classroom at School 5 in Jersey City, and school employees are disinfecting the two affected classrooms, according to the school's principal.

A 13-year-old student brought the insect from home, said Principal Wendy Perez.

When a teacher noticed the bug crawling on a table, she notified the school nurse, who confirmed it was a bedbug, Perez said.

Students were moved from the two classrooms where the girl had been yesterday, both on the third floor of the Merseles Street school, according to Perez.

"There's no infestation," Perez said in the lobby of School 5 yesterday morning. "We're just following procedure."

The two affected rooms will be cleaned and left empty for two weeks, she said. The students are fine with the move, Perez added.

"They're now in an air-conditioned room, so they're happy," she said.

Olga Gonzales, 48, whose daughter and granddaughter attend School 5, said she herself just threw out her mattress because of a bedbug infestation. She still has visible marks from the bites, Gonzales said.

"There's an epidemic going on," she said. "I wish we could get rid of them."

Alex Oleas, meanwhile, who was picking up his son from School 5 yesterday afternoon when he found out about the bedbugs, said he's concerned about them traveling from the school to home.