Bed Bugs Send a St. Petersburg Woman Packing (St. Petersburg, FL)
Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - On June 4, 10 News showed you the problem at MLF Towers located in Downtown St. Petersburg. Residents were complaining of being bitten while they were sleeping. Some even had to get entirely new wardrobes because the bed bugs had crawled into their clothes.

But it's not just there -- 10 News has now received reports of bed bugs spreading across the street from MLF Towers to the Lutheran Apartments on 1st Avenue South and all the way to City Place Senior Living at 298 8th St. North in St. Petersburg.

84-year-old Jane Martin says she misses her apartment at the complex. "It was heartbreaking. I had a beautiful apartment." But she says what she doesn't miss is her uninvited guests.

She says, "I got up to go to the bathroom and I looked at my bed, saw the bugs, put them in a bottle, took them down to the office and showed them."

Martin says that was two weeks ago and even though the apartment complex hired a professional to treat her apartment, she says the bed bugs became unbearable. "I couldn't go to bed. I had to sleep in a chair for about 10 days."

But Friday was her breaking point. "Over the weekend, I must have filled a dumpster downstairs throwing stuff out. Clothes, blankets, sheets, everything."

Martin says she felt she had no choice but to pack up and move out. She wishes the apartment management had been more aggressive about beating back the bed bugs. "I was very disappointed."

City Place Senior Living is only about two years old. Mayor Bill Foster was at the grand opening since the City of St. Petersburg provided a half a million dollar low interest loan so that it could be built.

10 News is hoping for comment from apartment managers about the allegations in the coming days.