Bed Bugs Infest Upscale Uptown Apartment
Monday, May 12, 2014

A Charlotte man is spending the weekend in a hotel after he says bed bugs infested his uptown apartment. Now, he says the complex wants him to pay for it. 

Tommy Brown says he chose to live in the upscale Quarterside Apartments to avoid problems like this. However, everything changed a few weeks ago when he says the bed bugs started to crawl.

"It was worse than my worst nightmare," Brown said. 

Brown says he's lived in the complex for nearly three years. However, he turned to WBTV when he says the nightmare started a few weeks ago. 

"I was sitting on my sofa watching playoffs and I saw two bugs crawling on my arms," Brown said. 

Brown called management at the Quarterside Apartments. They sent out an exterminator who confirmed those two little bedbugs were really an infestation of thousands and that he had to foot the bill to get rid of them. 

"The apartment complex told me that I need to pay $1,200 for pest control in my apartment or I was going to be evicted," Brown said. 

Brown insisted the bedbugs came from his neighbor who moved out recently and that he saw them with his own two eyes. 

"The apartment was clean, the apartment was painted. And we still found a bed bug," Brown said. 

The complex says the opposite claiming Brown's unit is the only one infested. 

However, at the top of the bed bug agreement Brown was given to sign after the problem was found, you'll find not only his apartment number, but also the number of unit next door.

"They could have and should have put everyone on notice that there was bed bug activity," Brown said. 

We called Quarterside, who hung up not long after we identified ourselves. So, we called them back and the woman we spoke to insisted the manager had stepped out. 

The Connor Group, who owns Quarterside, called us not long after we contacted the office. They insist Brown's unit is the only one infested with bed bugs. They added that they only treated the neighboring unit because of it's close proximity to Brown's apartment. 

They provided documentation stating no bed bugs were found in the neighboring unit or any other unit's but Brown's.