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Bed Bugs In Des Moines Homeless Shelter
Friday, February 10, 2012

A homeless shelter in Des Moines is experiencing a bed bug infestation.

The Iowa Homeless Youth Centers Shelter has had at least one of their dorm rooms infested with bed bugs.

"This has been an issue that we're always fighting. Taking as many proactive measures as possible to assure that these don't get into our facility and regardless every once in a while, it happens." said Brad Whipple, director of the shelter.

The mattresses from the infested dorm room have been thrown away and the room has been closed off.

An exterminator has also been called to check the rooms and eliminate both the bed bugs and their eggs.

Although the shelter already runs on a tight budget, Whipple says, "We could redirect this money in a lot better way, but this is an important health issue that we take very seriously."

An exterminator is planned to revisit the shelter next week.

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