Bed Bugs Found at Diamond View Residential Care (Mansfield, OH)
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bed bugs have been found at a facility housing people with mental health problems and developmental disabilities.

The Ohio Health Department inspected Diamond View Residential Care at 111 S. Diamond Street in Mansfield, and cited it for having pests.

Matt Work, Environmental Health Director for the Mansfield-Ontario-Richland County Health Department says three complaints were filed alleging a bed bug investation, so he asked the state health department, which has jurisdiction over such facilities, to send an inspector.

The inspector ordered an extermination plan be put into place by June 15, or the facility could lose its license.

Work says the bed bug problem is being addressed but that doesn't mean they will stay away forever, because no matter how sanitary a place is, bed bugs attach themselves to people and can be brought in.

And although they're not harmful, bed bugs can eave itchy bite marks.

Diamond View Administrator Michael Jedra declined to be interviewed on camera, but he does assure the community and the families of the 58 residents there, regular spraying is done to keep the bed bugs out as much as possible.