Bed Bugs Disturbing a Family While the Apartment Owner Does Nothing (Harrisburg, PA)
Monday, July 9, 2012

It's supposed to be an old saying for putting kids to bed, "good night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite."

But a Dauphin County mother says it's a nightmare-turned-real in her apartment. A nightmare that is making her family miserable.

The mom we spoke to says her four kids are covered in bites from bed bugs and she says she can't seem to get any help with the problem.

"It's been attacking my kids," cited mother Erica Patillo.

Patillo moved to the apartment building with her kids back in December. Shortly after, she and her fiancé realized there was a serious problem with pests.

Recognizing the insects were bedbugs, the couple says they reached out for help.

"She's called the property management company, but we've heard nothing yet," stated Antwuan Law-Cobb.

While they wait, saying they've seen no changes in the building, they say the problem is only getting worse. That is not helping them feel better, or their kids.

CBS 21 News spoken to the property manager who says they just recently received a complaint about the bugs and they have already signed a contract to have them exterminated.