Bed Bugs Cost Dubuque Rescue Mission $10,000
Thursday, December 1, 2011

For several months bed bugs have plagued the Dubuque Rescue Mission.

Earlier this week a pest control company cleaned up the mess.

The bugs are gone, in their place- a ten-thousand dollar cleanup bill.

That wiped out the Rescue Mission's savings.

The Mission relies heavily on donations. With this huge unexpected- and not budgeted expense- they need those donations now more than ever.

Directors at the Dubuque Rescue Mission say they tried it all.

Rick Mihm said, "we sealed them in bed bug proof mattress and that seemed to help. Then we got these climb up things which go under the legs of the bed. "

Just when they thought they had the problem taken care of, more bugs would show up.

That's when they decided to hire a team from Orkin to do a professional heat treatment.

Mihm said, "we can't have our men suffering like this because it's a hardship. They are already homeless coming in and seeking help and services. "

Ten thousand dollars later, the Rescue Mission is bed bug free,  they're also out of money.

Mihm said, "the savings is for more like food and stuff and things we use to help men get their lives back together. "

Mihm says the people of Dubuque have stepped up when needed in the past. He's confident they'll do it again.

Mihm says one big need is now pillows and bedding for single beds, but of course the biggest need is cold hard cash.