Bed Bugs At School Has Parents Concerned, Officials Quiet (Harrisburg, PA)
Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bed bugs have been with humans for thousands of years and now some have been reported at a Harrisburg school.

However, it's hard to get information on just what is happening. This much we do know; last week at least one student brought bed bugs from their home to the school.

"Camp Curtain has a bed bug situation," stated one person.

Sunday evening, Harrisburg School Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney emailed CBS 21 News, saying; "The situation has been handled. The school will not be closed. The student and family involved are being assisted by the appropriate agency. School district will continue to monitor the situation."

But just what has been done and what is being done now? To find out, we sent out an email and made phone calls, then went to the school, however, no one could talk to us. We also went to the district office, same result.

Edna William lives across the street and has a granddaughter at the school and is concerned. "Well of course because they could be bringing them to the homes, if there is some over there and then they could be spreading all the way around here in Harrisburg," William stated.

Edna has dealt with bed bugs before. "They could really put spots and things all over your body," William commented.

A parent told us she was so concerned with the lack of information that Monday she kept her daughter home.

Camp Curtain serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade; I was told by the parent that the outbreak was in the kindergarten area of the school.

Todd Ambush is the parent of a kindergartener as well. "They have been checking each kid individually to see who is bringing in the bed bugs," Ambush told CBS 21. "Numerous kids went home with the bed bugs, like six kids."

His daughter said they were using a type of q-tip to check for bugs.

"They checked our head with it, checked all our classrooms and then we saw people with their coats and their backpacks in a bag," young Jaelh Ambush, a kindergartner at Camp Curtain told CBS 21.

Thankfully, bed bugs do not spread disease, but their food is your blood and the bites can indeed cause red blotchy marks on your skin.

Bed bugs were largely eradicated in the Western World after World War II, but started to make their comeback in the early 90s.

Once bed bugs come to your home or school they can be tough to get rid of.