Bed Bugs Again Found At Wake Forest University
Monday, August 15, 2011


For the second year in a row, bedbugs have been discovered in Wake Forest University dorm rooms.

Spokeswoman Cheryl Walker said a search team found the bugs last week in about 2 percent of the rooms.

Walker said the university has hired a pest control company to use high heat treatment to exterminate the bugs. She said the method is 100 percent effective and she's confident the rooms will be pest-free by when students arrive on campus.

Last year, bedbugs affected about 15 students. So far, no other local schools have reported bedbugs.

McNeely Pest Control president Scott McNeely offered advice on what parents and students should do before moving back to college.

"Whether you're staying in a hotel or moving into a residence hall, you always want to take a few minutes to look around the mattress edges and seams. Bedbugs will leave droppings where they hide in those little tight cracks and crevices and around bed frames," he said.