Bed Bug Sniffing Dog To Get Extra Help
Monday, February 6, 2012

LINCOLN, NE - University of Nebraska officials have found bed bugs in about 35 campus dorm rooms at UNL.

The university is relying on bug sniffing dog to help find and get rid of a growing problem. Spots the dog is helping sniff out the problem. Monday the university shared some video of Spots at work.

"Spots can basically walk by a piece of furniture and with in two to three feet. If the scent of a bed bug is there he can detect it," James Pelowski said. Pelowski helps spot in the bed bug detection process. 

Spots is a rat terrier that has a 95% accuracy rate detecting bed bugs. "That is the best that any drug dog, bomb dog or bed bug dog comes out of the academy at."

Pelowski said what makes spots so valuable is that a human is only 50% accurate. "Through a dorm room or any place you have to go item through item through item, it's almost virtually impossible without a dog."

Once bed bugs are found cleaning crews install heating units in the room to bring the temperature up to between 130 and 140 degrees. At 140 degrees a room is locked down for about four hours.

After the cleaning crew tears down its equipment, Spots does one final sweep. University officials said they plan on bringing in two more bug sniffing dogs next week. They hope to have every dorm checked by the end of the month.