Bed Bug Discovered in New Lebanon School (Dayton, OH)
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NEW LEBANON, OH - Extermination efforts were under way in a New Lebanon middle school on Tuesday after one bed bug was discovered in a computer lab the day before.

The lab at Dixie Middle School is expected to be open today after the extermination, which was set to take place following the middle school's dismissal on Tuesday. Superintendent Barbara Curry said the district took every precaution after the single bed bug was found.

"We immediately contacted the health department," Curry said. "Their recommendation was to exterminate the room."

Health officials did not say it was necessary to close the building, she said. Curry, who is going on her sixth year as superintendent, said bed bugs have never been an issue at the building for as long as she has overseen the district.

The 1/4- to 3/8-inch, brown, oval-shaped bugs are not known to carry disease, but their bites that feed on blood cause itching and irritation. They can travel on clothing to move from place to place.

An automated phone call from the district went out to families of students on Monday night informing them of the situation. Bill Wharton, a spokesman for Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County, said the department offers packets of materials and instructions to schools to inform them of how to address bed bugs if they are found.

It's not uncommon for a bed bug to drop in a school, he said. "A single bed bug is not a problem," Wharton said. "An infestation is an entirely different thing."