Bed Bug Conference Takes On Growing Issue In Twin Cities

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The bed bug outbreak is a growing problem we've been following for months.  Wednesday, pest industry experts held the first ever Bed Bug Minnesota Conference to help concerned business owners and landlords combat the problem.

"They're out there, and the problem isn't getting better," said Todd Leyse, organizer of the conference and president of Adam's Pest Control.

He said the bed bug problem in the Twin Cities has grown tenfold in the last five years.  In 1999, the company received its first ever bed bug complaint, but in 2010 that number grew to 1,213.  About 80% of problems occur in multi-unit housing, such as apartment buildings, nursing homes, and hotels. The fastest growing areas, however, are single family homes, shopping centers, and nursing homes.

Jamie Phillips works in the hospitality industry, and while her company has never had a bed bug issue, she came to the conference to stay ahead of the problem.

"We want to protect not only our facility but especially our customers as well as our employees," said Phillips.

More than 100 attendees learned about prevention, legal rights, and the latest treatments.