Bed Bug Complaints Up and Down Houston Heights Tower
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some of the seniors who reside in the urban tower were petrified at the idea of talking to FOX 26 but not Ruth Turner.

In her scooter, she willingly rolled up to the microphone.

Turner says, "I liked it here when I first moved here.  I've been here five years.  She's probably going to make it hard on me now and make me wind up having to move, but I still think they need to spray."

For what?  Bed bugs.  Family members of residents and the residents themselves have complained about an infestation of the pesky bugs at Houston Heights Tower.  It's a retirement community/assisted living facility in the heart of the historic Heights area.

We've been told over the last two months the tenants have literally begged to have a pest control tech come in and treat the aging structure.

Turner says her apartment hasn't been invaded just yet, but she says others have.

She says, "I've seen these people that get big whelps on their bodies, big marks on their legs and stuff from those bites they're getting on them."

We're told a third of the building has been infected by the bugs.  That's why we decided to make a stop at the manager's office.

(Isiah)"Hi Mam, we're with FOX you've got a quick second we'll make it quick...make it quick."

The manager, Hope Aguirre, soon disappeared but we tracked her down in her office.

(Isiah) "We just want to get a quick word...about the bed bug.  Now residents have complained family of residents have complained about bed bugs.  We're trying to see what you guys are doing about it. (Manager) We're already working on that."

Residents say from some of their units to the lobby furniture, they've yet to get relief from the parasitic bugs. But Aguiree says relief is on the way.

(Manager)"We're trying the best we can...(Isiah) But is that anyway for senior citizens to live? (Manager) Of course not...we're trying to get the company to treat the bed bugs because the other company with the spray is not doing any good. (Isiah) But you're promising family members and residents it's being taken care of this weekend? (Manager) Oh, yeah it sure is."

That may be too late for Ruth.  She says she's already had enough of the presence of the bed bugs at Houston Heights Towers.

Turner says, "If I could get another place to move to, I would be gone."