Avoiding Bed Bug Bites

FOX23.com (Tulsa, OK)
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pest control shops have had several calls from people asking about treatment for bed bugs.

"We get an increase in calls going into the cooler season," said Tara Pearson with Mother Nature's. "I personally believe its going to get worse. Monday mornings are crazy, we could have 12 phone calls alone."

Pearson said at the very least, treatment for bed bugs lasts five weeks and costs nearly $500.

"They reproduce quite quickly and that problem can become large quick," said Pearson.

Pearson said clients are coming from all over: apartments, houses, businesses and hotels.

"They come out at night and seek the heat of your body out," said Manager of Environmental Services John Baker.

Baker said the bugs have become a much bigger problem in the last decade. They feast on your blood. Baker said ignoring them won't help, because they can go months without feeding.

"They come out at night and seek the heat of your body out," said Baker.

The good news: bed bugs do not spread disease. In Tulsa County there is no law requiring landlords or apartment managers to treat a bug infestation, in places currently occupied.

The Tulsa County Heath Department warns you to be cautious when using pesticides yourself. 
Pesticides can he hazardous to people and pets.