NPMA Hosts the National Canine Conference

Saturday, August 6, 2011

With bed bugs proving to be an ever-increasing issue, pest professionals are always looking to expand their toolboxes in the fight against the hitchhiking bloodsuckers.  One of the tools that is becoming more widely used is the utilization of bed bug detecting dogs.

Canine noses are very sensitive to the scent of bed bugs, and can thus sniff out the pests quicker than a human could find them by visually searching.  To help facilitate the certification of bed bug detecting canine teams, the National Pest Management Association recently hosted the National Canine Conference in Philadelphia.  At the conference, hundreds of professionals and more than 50 dogs gathered to share experience and insights on canine bed bug detection.

Additionally, owners and handlers were able to take their dogs through the certification process to make them official bed bug detecting dogs.

The local, national and international media were on hand to cover the event.  Watch here ( ) to see some of the furry attendees and to catch a glimpse into the rigors of becoming a certified bed bug sniffing dog.

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